viernes, 1 de enero de 2010

10 years of music.

I certainly do not pretend to make a list of the Best of this 10 year, mainly bc is to pretentipous to belive that is a way to do that, is just impossible.

what i will do is a List with my favourite albums in this past 10 years. Without any special order but the first one that is certainly the cd that have the most and deppets influence in my in these 10 yearas that have passed.

1. Fevers and Mirrors. Bright Eyes.
Why? coz is awesome. Is a masterpiece os creativity and lically is just impressive. The images in the spounds, the portrait in the music. And each song has a charming vibe, even whan the mood is drak decaying and lonely i must confess i played this cd until it was too damaged to be heard again :P now i keep this cd as a sacred picein my colection coz sadly is not available here anymore.

All the next cd could be 2nd place so...
2. Vespertine. Bjork
Splendorous, lovely, intimate, tender, warm. Not a collection of pop singles, but is a cd that is my hart with each single song.

3. White Chalk. PJ Harvey.
Poeple tend to say that Madonna reinvetend herself, well thats just a lie, PJ really does, and when you think you have seen all her sides..shemakes a cd like this. The music is just magic, and she knows hot to take you to her ghost town surraunded of white chalk. Narrative, awesome and a masterpiece.

4. lets get out of this Country. Camera Obscura.
Well this one certainly is a collections of singles, a beutiful collection of songs that sounds juts...from another time, but made for the exact moment, a lot of this songs stir my memory like color stir my senses.

5 Takk, Sigur Ros
Hoppipola is hope made a song. And the rest of the cd is just like that like cool movie or a book that keeps you reading all the time, epic would i say but i hate that word i will just say outstanding.

6. Its a Wonderful Life. Sparklehorse
Wehn i bought this cd i was speechless in ftront of these sons, so perfect, so sweet, so weird. Even today each time i heard Gold Day my eyes get wet.

7 The Reminder. Feist
When i heard Feist i askes to myself "why should i heard her?" the answer was be cuase she made beutiful , fine, sweet pop, and it makes me feel like inlove or soemthing. again of of the most played cd in my life.

8. I ´m wide awake its morning. Bright Eyes
Well this decade we have seen a lot of artists to appear, to grow and than to banish in the endless sea of media. connor Oberst was a golden kid, we all have seen him to become wht he isnow and in the middle he made this album, in a prominent moment of his life and carrer and maybe in a promiment moment of mi life too. Ihave all these song in mi head always.

9. Lungs. Florwence and the Machine
A lot of time has passed since i get inlove this bad with an artist´s creative spirit the last time. Now Florence made this an i am just too captive by her style, her voice and her gloomy mood, i cant wait to listen to her new stuuf, be cause she is the future.

10 Arular. MIA
Certainly Kala has Paper Planes, and that song is an athem for the last years, but Arular is more cohesive as album, the rithm and the mood, is just amazing how we suddenli are caught by MIa and her arsonist vibe and we are enjoing it.

11. You are Free, Cat Power
The greatest was a hit certainly, but hasnot the soul od You are Free, this albums is sponteneous, and colorful. sometimes blue sometimes red, sometimes yellow but always alive and sincere.

12. 0, Damien Rice
When i fist heard of this guy was by a trick of fate certainly , i dowoloaded Volcanoes and i feel in love. Then i bought 0, it was not even easy to get in that moment, (after some mothn Rice became very very popular) and i feel so moved, so touched for all his songs, everysingle word was impressive, other cd that got damnaged by to be played too much.

13. Cabin Fever. Rasputina
Shocking. When i meet them i was in shock, too freaking original, to freaking unique, and too freaking victorian, i love them since the first moment. Thsi group and cd has charimsa, mood, look and a lot of aweosme songs that are just hits on their own way .

14. Has aGood home. Final Fantasy
This guy is a genius, sincerely a ginius, he is a nerd too , and a gay one, but he is just a genius. Cant belive how he does all of this just witha violin, is like magic, a very domistc spell coz he doesnot sounds pretentiopus or sublime, but always compelling and charimsatic.

15. Gulag Orkestar. Beirut
UNIQUE. Beirut is unique. Beirut (as much as Rasputina) is juist too unique, tehres nothing similar in pop music that spounds like him, and as in the case of Final Fantasy, he is a genius.

16. Seven Swans. Sufjan Stevens.
He is the new spirt of folk, an intelectual musician, and a genius of the sounds. Seven Swans is a bit too religious to some people, but too me is criptinc and rich, teasing and provocative and it has a special candor of intimate comunication. I love his new cds too, but this one is special and unique.

17. Liz Pahir. Liz Phair.
Guilty plaseure, yes, i think so, but i love this corny pop songs, and her teasing voice, her naughty mood, and the pervy way to say and too see things is juts too atractive.

And the rest:
18 Furneral. Arcade fire. (Rebelion, omg, cant stop to sing it)
19. This Island. Le Tigre (Tko, and alot of awesome songs)
20. Set Yourself on Fire. Stars (Your exlover is dead, sucha relieving song, beutiful cd)
21. Beging to Hope. Regina Spektor (Fidelity and all the other caramel songs)
22. Extraordinary Machine. Fiona Apple (omg this cd was awesome and weird)
23. Magic Position. Patrcik Wolf. (Gay and colorful but sensitive and unique)
24. American Doll Posse. Tori Amos (she paid for all her errors inthe past with this amazing cd)
25. Seventh Tree. Goldfrapp (i never thought she will get something this beutiful)
26. Fever to Tell. Yeah yeah yeahs. (every song here is a it)
27. Hold On Love. Azure Ray. (Love, Lonely and hope all in 12 tracks)
28. Year of Meteors, Laura Veirs (Smart, clean and sincere. Parisian Dream omg)
29. Stories From the City Stories From the Sea, PJ Harvey (elegant and intimate, human)
30. Night Fall over Kortedala. Jens Lekman (beautyful, smart and full of awesome sounds)
31. Want One, Rufus Wainwright. (this album is a faithful friend)
32. White Lillies Island. Natalie Imbruglia (dont be harsh with her, she made an awesome album)
33. Before the Poison, Mariane Faithfuls. (PJ? Nick CAve? Damon Albarn? omg)
34. Voxtrot, Voxtrot (not as cool as the ep but very very touching and apealling)
35. Phantom Punch, Sondre Lerche (who could say he will get socha cool cd after all?)
36. My Mudling Career. (this cd will be in the top 10 with time, simple awesome)
37. MIlkeyed Mewnder. Joanna Newsom (unique, crazy delirant beautifuil)
38. Adventures of Ghopsthorse and Stillborn, CocoRosie. (like a fairy tales book)
40. Sagamama, Jessy Bulbo (hymns for the deranged and the real people)

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OMG!!! ¿Por qué en inglés? ¿Acaso discriminas a tus lectores en español? Aunque debo admitir que en inglés la falta de dedazos hace todo más comprensible, lo que sin embargo le quita el encanto de sentirse traductor. BTW, gran lista, querido.